We have a true passion for

Cannabis...and Growth!



As pioneers of the growth hacking movement in the cannabis industry, innovation is one of the core values that defines our culture. From customer acquisition to social growth, we are always on the cutting edge of every trend. Our Growth department uses innovative technology to meticulously plan based on your target audience, current marketing activity and desired ROI.


Success in the cannabis industry relies on supercharged distribution. Our growing network of social media communities, partners and influencers has the capacity to reach over 3 million people. Find out how we can use it to help you amplify your content, create brand awareness and get you more customers.


In this increasingly competitive market, it is important to differentiate yourself. Don't let your message fade away in all the social noise. Our expert growth team will develop unique growth strategies that will allow you to disrupt patterns, capture attention and connect with your audience at a higher level.